Poster on police corruption from the 1930s

I genuinely thought the level of disgust I had could not be topped after watching the video from my last post, but this one changed that thought completely. In this video, a Kuwaiti man, who some claim to be a Kuwaiti police officer, forces two Indian men to slap one another and kiss after they’re done. If the Kuwaiti man does turn out to be a police officer, it just goes to show how corrupt our police force really is. Members of the police force are supposed to be honorable men who stand for justice and try to put a stop to crime and wrongdoing; yet they commit the acts that they themselves are supposed to limit? People like the Indians in the video make up 69% of the population so to belittle them like this is indirectly belittling the majority of your own country. The hypocrisy coming from certain members of our police force has been going on for too long. If Kuwait wants to move forward and become a better nation, getting rid of corrupt officers like the one in the video would certainly do a world of good. To view the video, click here.

Videos like these are reasons why Kuwait should go to greater lengths to end racism and belittlement of other nationalities. Do you really want to live in a world where Kuwait is known for negative things like a corrupt police force rather than some positive things?

I leave you all with an open question: What actions do you, the residents of this great nation, think that the new parliament (when it is established) should make in order to put a stop to cruelty such as this?

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  1. MyBloogle says:

    wish there were more people like you mon ami, the world needs more people like you

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