Barrak Al Mujalhem


My name is Barrak Q. Al-Mujalhem, and I am a Junior at Al-Bayan Bilingual School. Throughout the days I spent as a teenager, I witnessed lots of cases where foreigners dealt with extreme disrespect for unjust reasons. That made me think that it is essential to be part of such an organization that would try its best to eliminate such issues. It was also an excellent choice since I would invest my time giving back to society. We are blessed with tons of amazing things that at the end of the day, we don’t care about nor appreciate. As a Kuwaiti, I never thought there would be a shortage of food or electricity, and when I am too cold, I have a blanket to wrap myself under. What about our maids and drivers who travel all the way from their homelands to cook for us or drive us to school for low wages? Don’t these people deserve any credit from us or at least the right to be treated well? What I hope to achieve through Equait is the right of respect from us to those people, and I will make sure to give it my all in order to make that hope a reality.
“You are the action.”

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  1. Fatemah Khalfan says:

    Lol, referring to them as “our maids and drivers” feeds into the racism that is so prevalent in Kuwaiti society. This discourse is wrong as they are not “ours,” we employ their services yes but they do not belong to us.

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