Abdullah Al Jemaz

Just never be afraid to dream and pursuit.

Who am I?

I’ll answer the question with a question.

What do you do if you’ve seen injustice to an individual through your eyes? What if this person is someone you love or loved by others? Would you consider saving that person?

Or should I develop his description to the very detail of religion, sex, creed, colour and what else; so he could be considered saving?

I believe, in faith of humanity, that discrimination should be a thing of the past and co-existence should be mandatory.

Now I question you, reader, who are you?

I believe Equait’s role, not only to aim to change our youth to become better individuals, but also challenge them to burst out the same bubble we’ve been trapped and think for themselves instead of mindlessly following expectations people have set.

And I dream of a better Kuwait.

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