Does it matter where you're from?

Does it matter where you’re from?


Full house!

Monday the 2nd of September will be our 2nd Cross Cultural Duwaniya, where we bridge the gap between both Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis through progressive dialogue regarding social issues within Kuwaiti society. The Duwaniya will be open from 6:30pm-9:00pm and will be hosted in Rawdha, block 3, street Abu Hayaan Al Towheedy, House 82.

The Duwaniya is being organized to promote progressive dialogue; the main goal is to encourage acceptance of different views and to overcome any prejudice or bias as well as allow people to converse and learn something regarding Kuwait that they may not already know.

What was unique about the cross-cultural Duwaniya was that it encouraged the idea of safe space environment, where the attendees are not judged regardless of looks, gender, race, religion, nationality and, most importantly, opinion.

Our first Duwaniya (Pictures below!) held on August 19th was a big success as we managed to draw a full house of 35-40 people, which included diplomats, political experts, students and young activists. Topics ranged from how women are portrayed in Kuwaiti society to comparing certain situations between Kuwait and other countries.

To RSVP, contact us at 97613031 or email us at as seating is limited.

See you there!



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