Equait Recruiting


  •    Proficient in Arabic as well as English and can represent Equait in Arabic from a PR standpoint.
  •    Must attend Equait meetings twice a month on weekends (meet on weekdays if there is an event to organize)
  •    Charismatic and able to persuade people.
  •    Position is voluntary and non-paid.

In terms of what the position will include, the person is responsible for spearheading Equait’s arabic marketing sector as well as the regular duties of an Equait team member, which include but not limited to: School and university visits on Equait’s behalf, interacting with the local media, organizing events, attracting volunteers, representing Equait at public events, developing marketing strategies and more.


If interested, please email your CV at info@equait.org and for more information, contact 97613031.



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