Dear honorable delegates,

We regret to inform you that due to various insecurities linked with the conference, we have been left no choice but to postpone the conference until this fall at the earliest. We here at EQUAITMUN have worked very hard for this conference and are as disappointed as the rest of you regarding this decision. We deeply apologize to everyone who had dedicated their time in researching and preparing for this conference. I know you all worked very hard and were genuinely looking forward to participating. We can assure you that your spot at EQUAITMUN will be secured if you have already signed up as an individual delegate for when we announce the new date for the conference. We thank all of you for your patience and we hope you can all understand the difficult choice we had to make for the sake of this conference. We will hopefully look forward to seeing you participate when we announce the new date.

Kindest regards,

Faisal Al-Fuhaid

Co-Secretary General Of EQUAITMUN 2012

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