Delegates, here are the commission topics for the conference this February! Look for the topics of your respective commission and start researching!

Environmental Commission:

▪   Measures to minimize deforestation and desertification in Jordan.

▪   The drainage and destruction of the marshlands in Iraq.

▪   Possible Solutions for Oil Spills.

▪   Possible solutions to the droughts in African nations.

Human Rights Commission:

▪   Measures to Conclude Human Trafficking.

▪   Measures to promote the rights of Domestic workers in the MENA region.

▪   Protecting the Rights of Peoples in Zones of Political Conflict

▪   Possible solutions to the stateless citizens issue in Kuwait.

 General Assembly:

  • United Nations Development Goals for 2015 and how to reach them.
  • Promoting the peaceful use of Outer Space and preventing an arms race.
  • Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Children and Youth, Ageing, Disabled Persons, and the Family in LEDCs.
  • Fair Globalization for All: The Effect of Job Creation on Sustained, Inclusive and Equitable Economic Growth.

 Territorial/Disarmament Commission:

▪   Measures Against the Trafficking of SALWs (Small Arms and Light Weapons)

▪   Treaty Banning the Production of Fissle Material for Nuclear Weapons or Other Nuclear Explosive Devices

▪   Occupied Syrian Golan.

▪   Qarooh and Umm al Maradim.

Economic and Social Council:

▪   The Issue of Illegal Immigrants and Mass Refugees by Sea.

▪   The United Arab Emirates’ Falling Economy.

▪   The Issue of Gulf Countries Running Out of Oil.

▪   The Issue of Cyber Censorship in the MENA region.

Arab League:

▪   The Situation in Syria

▪   The Growing Influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

▪   Palestinian Affairs

▪   Justice in the Arab World

Historical Security Council:

  • The Iran/Iraq War (1980 – 1988)
  • The Gulf War (August 1990 – February 1991)

 International Court of Justice:

  • The Indictment of the Israeli Government for breaking 65 United Nations resolutions and crimes against humanity – Israel vs. Palestine.
  • The Indictment of Syrian president Bashar Al Assad to for the Death of Hundreds of Anti-Government Protestors – Bashar Al Assad vs. Syria.

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