A homeless young boy holding up the food package given out to him by our volunteers

Equait teamed up with iGive, a charity club within the Gulf University for Science & Technology, and took part in a countrywide food rally, where volunteers prepare their own lunchbags and distribute them to the needy across Kuwait.

The event was held on the 30th of July 2012, and close to 100 Q-heroes showed up to lend their support by handing out pre-prepared Iftar meals to the misfortunate all across Kuwait. We managed to touch the lives of many misfortunate people that day and if it weren’t for the hard work and dedication of everybody involved, we wouldn’t have managed to reach out to 17 towns and suburbs across Kuwait and hand out packages to so many people. A big thank you to iGive for allowing us to take part in their charity event this year and to all the volunteers for all the effort they put into this event.

If you would like to see photos from the event, click on the picture above!

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