Faisal Al-Fuhaid

“A general is just as good or just as bad as the troops under his command make him.”- General Douglas MacArthur

I am an eighteen year-old student majoring in Computer Science at the Gulf University for Science & Technology. I have been a team member in the Kuwaiti division of the British Council-sponsored Global Changemakers program since 2010 until its conclusion in 2011.  I also volunteer at the Kuwait Little League in the Challengers Division, where I have the opportunity to teach young handicapped children how to play baseball.

I believe that people who use religion, race, gender, sexuality, opinions and country of origin as an excuse for belittling their peers or disliking them are just too ignorant to look beyond the surface of who they are. As clich├ęd as this may sound, I believe that we are created as equals to one another and I harbor great disrespect for people that simply choose to see the world in black or white. We must learn to acknowledge the shades of grey. In this day and age, it is difficult to avoid things like racism, bullying, and discrimination, and I speak of this through first-hand knowledge because I myself was bullied relentlessly growing up. It was a terrible feeling and something needed to be done.

I believe that Equait is the perfect platform for me and my peers to have the ability to make a change and help our community. I believe that the Kuwaiti mentalities of materialism and  extreme nationalism are dangerous in the long term for our country, so we need to try to emphasize and promote the right principals so that we can help our society evolve and strive to go on to bigger things.


One Response to “Faisal Al-Fuhaid”

  1. Dana m. Al-Otaibi says:

    Dear Faisal;
    I found your website recenlty, and am pleased to see Kuwaitis who are active in changing attitudes for a better and equal society for all . My name is Dana Al-Otaibi I’m an anthropology student at the American University of Kuwait and president of the Human Rights Club. We focus on conditions of marginalized groups in Kuwait. Love to get in contact with you, please send me you email, hope to feel from you soon.