Equait is an organization based on promoting Human Rights and equality within our society. Many of us don’t know what Human Rights are nor what equality is. What are Human Rights and what is equality? Human Rights are basically a set of articles set up in one document recognized as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). This document has changed and protected the lives of many and has simply made this world a better place. Whereas equality is as simple as Aristotle stated it: “Equality consists in the same treatment of similar persons.” The thing is, how are human rights and equality connected to one another? The answer to that is quite easy, the UDHR basically states that everyone should be treated equally and posses exactly the same rights. No matter what your religion, color, race, sex, name, nationality or so is, the UDHR protects every single human being. Please watch this video to understand how the UDHR works and what rights everyone must be endowed with under the UDHR.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Ask yourselves, are human rights being violated within Kuwait and how? Please reply to this post with your point of view, your opinion always counts!

Leanah Al Awadhi

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    Noble efforts on a troublesome journey!
    The thing is what would really bring about a change in attitudes of people, practically?

    Good articles which have an action conclusion are always useful.

    One more thing, guess you guys need to have an About Us page.


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