Leanah Al Awadhi

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world-indeed it is the only thing that does” -Margaret Meade

I believe that positivity is the key to success, I believe in dreams coming true but only if you work hard to achieve them, and last but not least, I believe that Equait will make a change.

My name is Leanah Al Awadhi, and I am currently a senior at a private school in Kuwait. Things I deeply find repellent are discrimination, hypocrisy and egoism. I believe that without those three things, our society would undoubtedly be different, it would be a society in which we would all literally live under the same roof, hand by hand, as a family regardless of family name, religion, race, sex, color and more. All together, helping one another, supporting one another and caring for one another just like how I believe our society should be. That’s why I joined Equait, to make a change.

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