Dr. Nadeem Al Duaij

Welcome Dr. Nadeem Al Duaij to the Youth Project Workshop


Dr. Nadeem Alduaij is founding president of the SAHA Institute, an independent, value-driven public health policy think-and-do tank serving the Arab World. He is a practicing emergency physician, medical toxicologist, and public health expert who has trained and worked for several years within the Harvard Medical School system. Nadeem is member of the Board of Trustees of the MENA Health Policy Forum and Adjunct Faculty in Public Health at UAE University.

During his time at Harvard, he founded and chaired the Kuwait Health Initiative, a public health policy network that served as precursor to SAHA. He served as health policy advisor to Kuwait’s Parliament and has authored several reports including the 2012 ‘Health Equity: The Challenge for Prosperity and Sustainability’.

His areas of interest are health systems reform and financing, health inequities in the Arab States of the Gulf, and systems development in public health, emergency medicine, and medical toxicology.

He holds a MD from Université de Genève and a MPH from Harvard University.

Interested in exchanging ideas with Dr, Nadeem on how to change Kuwait? Sign up for the Youth Project Workshop at bit.ly/yworkshop

This workshop is for people between the ages of 15 and 26. For more information, contact 97613031!

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