Welcome Laila Al Hamad to the Y-Workshop

Welcome Laila Al Hamad to the Y-Workshop


Laila Al Hamad, founder of @zericrafts, served at the World Bank for over 10 years. She was responsible for mainstreaming gender in projects and analytical work, as well as raising staff awareness about gender issues, with a main focus on gender and infrastructure.

Laila also served as a team member for projects on urban development, energy, water, education, health, social protection, environment, and rural development in the Middle East and North Africa.

She had worked with Youth Groups in Yemen, Egypt, Palestine and many more. We are beyond glad to have Laila on board and we hope her experience will benefit all aspiring young leaders! If you would like to sign up and get the chance to learn from Laila, go to bit.ly/yworkshop and sign up today! Workshop is on September 24th and 25th at GUST at 5:30pm!

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