Dr. Shafiq Ghabra

Dr. Shafeeq Al-Ghabra

It is my honor to be able to proudly announce that Dr. Shafeeq Al-Ghabra will be one of the Keynote Speakers at Equait Model United Nations 2013.

Dr. Shafeeq N. Al-Ghabra is a professor of political science at Kuwait University, where he has directed the Center of Strategic and Future Studies, and was the founding president of the American University of Kuwait (2003-2006). He gained a PhD in government from the University of Texas in Austin in 1987 and has also served as director of the Kuwait Information Office in Washington, DC. Author of five books and numerous articles and papers, Dr Ghabra received Kuwait’s highest award for scientific research in the humanities and social sciences from the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences. Dr Ghabra is a frequent lecturer on topics including Middle East security and politics, the peace process and Arab-Western relations. He is a long-time advocate of democratic reform in the Middle East. His books include Palestinians in Kuwait: The Family and the Politics of Survival named outstanding academic book of 1989 by Choice magazine and Kuwait, a study of the dynamics of state and society. He has also published studies of American-style education in Arab countries and US-Kuwaiti relations. He is currently working on his sixth book, on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

From my personal experience attending one of his presentations at the United Nations late last year, I am certain that all the delegates, executives, chairs and prominent guests will be in for a real treat when Dr. Shafeeq gives his presentation at the opening ceremony on the 14th of February!

To be able to attend the opening ceremony, you must sign up to be a delegate at the conference and attend over the weekend. To sign up as a delegate, click here.

Hope to see you all on the 14th of February enshallah!

Faisal Al Fuhaid

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