The Q-Hero Emblem

The Q-Hero Emblem

Hey there everyone!

We are doing an open call for applications to join the Q-hero family! We are requesting applicants for the following positions (Existing Q-heroes CAN apply for these specific positions) :

  • Translator (English to Arabic)
  • Graphic Designer (design Equait material for advertisements, leaflets, website and social media. We accept both regional and international applicants.)
  • Secretary (requested to attend meetings, take minutes of meeting notes and play a role in making sure all the key members stay on task)

These positions require a significant amount of time commitment and with the projects we have coming up, we will need plenty of talented hands to make sure they look good when promoted as well as reaching both an English and Arabic speaking audience. Preferred age range is 15-21

If you would like to reply, click on this link and we are very much looking forward to reading the applications!

Thank you all and have a great night!

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