Ladies and gentleman, we are glad to announce that the Pink Friday anti-bullying walkathon will be returning December 7th! The time of the event will be at 9:30am and, like last year, we will be walking from Scientific Centre to Marina Waves and back. With the success that came with the walkathon last year, it would have been foolish of us to not repeat the walkathon this year.

Last year, we managed to have around 200 people join us in our walk against bullying in schools. This year, we need as much support as we can take a stand against the belittling of the misfortunate. This message is something that has been falling on deaf ears here in Kuwait so if we can get enough supporters to walk along with us, it will show that this is a matter that should be taken seriously thus the topic will spread like wildfire causing people to finally take a stand against it. Thousands of students are bullied in schools here in Kuwait, so let us walk to put an end to this predicament once and for all!

See you all there!


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