The Q-Hero Emblem

Q-Heroes are more than just ordinary volunteers. They are ambassadors of Equait and the many messages we put out. Q-heroes have an important role in our goals as they make up a network of over 200 volunteers committed to helping Kuwait improve and grow as a nation. These individuals do this by participating in volunteer work with various charities across Kuwait while acting as representatives of Equait. By doing this, they help promote Equait as great servants to Kuwaiti society and its residents. We believe that providing these opportunities to the young people of Kuwait will help them appreciate helping the members of their community as well as inspiring their peers to do the same. The Q-heroes are the future leaders of tomorrow and ultimately the people that will have the biggest say in how our community shapes up in the foreseeable future.

To sign up and join our Q-hero family, click here to join our journey for a better Kuwait!

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