Sara Al Shurian

I have once read that “a year from now, you will wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb, a quote read once but was of great impact. My name is Sara Alshurian, currently a student at Al Bayan Bilingual School, and I am aiming for a positive change, which I can provide to my country and to the world. Within our generation, I have noticed the rapid increase of inequality, which has reached to a point of risk. Be it judgment of color, nationality, looks, or financial state, this pattern of discrimination is leading to the demolishment of a country that was once at peace.  This act of discrimination should and will be solved when people of our generation open their eyes. Joining EQUAIT’s executive team has bestowed upon me the opportunity to work with motivated people with mutual goals, in the development of Kuwait in terms of Equality, where humans will not be judged by society’s idea of perfection. I, for one, strive for a better country, and am willing to start today.

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