Congratulations to the women of Saudi Arabia for finally being given the right to vote and run in the municipal elections! It’s been a long time coming indeed.

Many had previously suggested that this day may never come, but King Abdullah made the decision to give the women what they have been asking for. It is definitely a huge step forward in gender equality in Saudi Arabia, and hopefully, this is the first of many decisions that will go towards that goal.

Activists have seen their voices unheard for so long in the area of women’s rights, as they are not allowed to travel, work or have surgery without the consent of a male relative, as well as being forbidden to drive. Regarding the last point, let’s hope that driving permits for women are next on King Abdullah’s agenda.

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  1. Sawsan Madan says:

    Let’s just hope they don’t go back on this decision ,, and apply it well on reality ,, letting women use all of their legislative rights in expressing themselves,and focus on Taking them seriously!

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