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Good evening everyone,

I haven’t been as active as I previously was, but I do feel that it is necessary to type up a blogpost on this particular day. It was just 3 months ago when I discovered that Kuwait, my dear country, is within the third tier in relation to Human Trafficking; which in itself is a ginormous human rights issue. This comes down to the current Kafala, or sponsorship, system for domestic workers where the worker is at the mercy of their sponsor or agency, giving them no right to dispute or even make their own decisions.

Now, we currently live in a world where, supposedly, no matter who you are, you are entitled to pursue anything you personally desire. However, the ill treatment of the domestic workers in the country greatly contradicts that theory. What is wrong with treating them as normal employees? Why make them work against their own personal will? When will this barbaric treatment be put to an end?


To answer that last question: It all depends on YOU! Yes, you reading the blogpost right now! I know for a fact that not just one small group of people can completely overhaul a huge issue like human trafficking. All we can do is initiate the change, but we cannot complete it without the masses joining us and starting a movement.

Honestly, I feel that, since it is such an important day, I feel that we should start something in order to achieve significant Human Rights change in Kuwait.

So here is what I am proposing: Take the Equait Worker Treatment Pledge! Where, starting from today up until a year from the day you take the pledge,  you will treat your domestic worker like your equal. That means you have to do the following:

  • Say please and thank you whenever you need them for something.
  • You cannot emotionally or physically harm them in anyway, including name-calling.
  • Be polite to them at all times.
  • Help them with their everyday tasks at least once a week.
  • If they do something wrong, ask them politely what is wrong and come up with a logical solution instead of shouting at them.
  • Do something for them that they enjoy at least once a month.
  • You must send us pictures of your progress with the pledge at the end of every month up until a year after you take the pledge. We will display the best pictures on the website!

This pledge is tailor-made to improve the way that we treat our domestic workers, so that we show how appreciative we are of the hard work they put in for our households and start to make their experience working in Kuwait much more enjoyable! While it may be a long way to go before we can abolish the sponsorship system, I believe that this pledge is a good place to start!

To take the pledge, simply type this message on your twitter account:

“I, (name), agree to take the #EquaitWorkerTreatmentPledge and treat my domestic worker as my equal based on the pledge condition for one full year.”

Send your pictures to at the end of each month.

So what are you waiting for? Take the Pledge today and let’s start changing the way we treat our domestic workers!


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