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Hello everybody! Hopefully you are all having a good night! Now, I have some updates and some details to share with you all regarding our event this Monday! As you all should know by now, Equait and iGive are teaming up to take part in a food distribution rally for the needy all across Kuwait. This is how the event will go down: Each volunteer has bring along with them 5 LUNCH BAGS. Each lunch bag must contain the following:


  • Water
  • Dates
  • A Sandwich
  • A Carton of Juice
  • A bar of chocolate
  • A piece of Fruit

So that’s 5 of each. 

We are moving orientation to be on the same day as the event so that we don’t take a lot of time from you all and so we get things done more quickly. At 12:30pm, all volunteers have to be at GUST so that we can go to auditorium, explain what is happening and split everybody into groups. The groups will be Boys with Boys and Girls with Girls (in respect of GUST’s policies and due to the fact that it is the holy month of Ramadan). Each group will consist of at least 4 people (depending on the size of the car provided) lead by a team captain responsible for looking after you and making sure everybody knows what they are doing. Groups will be assigned certain areas to go to so that they distribute the food to the needy (e.g. one groups goes to Rumaithiya, Salwa and Mishref). Also, each group is recommend to have a camera with them so that pictures can be taken and uploaded to the website and Twitter.

A very important part of the groups is transportation! It is very important that each group has to have a car in order to go to the places assigned! So for every group, one person should be able to provide transportation for the rest of the group. When you get to your assigned areas, it’s a good idea to take a picture of the group giving away the food so that we can share the photos on our twitter account. As far as dress code is concerned, there isn’t anything strictly required but it would be preferred if you came in a black t-shirt so that people will get the idea that you’re a volunteer. 

Well, that is pretty much all the details we can provide for the food distribution rally event. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here or DM our twitter account (@equait). We will go over the details once again at orientation on Monday so there will be a chance to make things clear there as well.

Other than that, hopefully you are all satisfied with the information provided. See you on Monday and have a good night!






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