When: Thursday May 15th 2014 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Where: Artizana Antiques in Shuwaikh Port (Free Trade Zone), across from American Mattress. Location (https://goo.gl/maps/IABXq)

What: Live performances by Kuwaiti based performers and art pieces for sale

The Vault is a fundraiser hosted by Equait and sponsored by En.V, where 50% of the proceeds raised will go towards embassy shelters while the rest will go towards a short film which will showcase the lives of domestic workers in Kuwait, why they are here and what they had to sacrifice in order to work in Kuwait.

Kuwait is currently in the 3rd tier with regards to human rights violations and that includes the treatment of domestic labor. We believe that if we want to create change, we must start with ourselves as people on a social level by treating the people that work for us the way we would like to be treated. We feel that the best way to do that is by showing the workers’ backstories and what they’ve had to sacrifice to come to Kuwait in order to make a living for themselves and their families.

The fundraiser will feature presentations by Dr. Shaikha Al Muhareb of Group 29 (@Group29) about the importance of Equality in Kuwait, OxAdventure discussing their trip to India and their interactions with the locals and Faisal Al Fuhaid of Equait discussing the Kafala system for Domestic workers in Kuwait.

We will also feature art pieces for sale featuring pieces from local artists like Sulaiman Al Zuhair, Nouriya Al Mas, Dana Al Sharif, Zouz Al Mehdi, Yousef Salah, ArtSpaceQ8 (@ArtspaceQ8) and many more. The majority of the proceeds will go towards the cause.

We will also have live onstage performances featuring a musical performance from the talented Chris Mendes and two spoken word pieces from members of the Kuwait Writing Club (@q8writingclub).

Join us for a fun and eventful evening this Thursday night at Artizana Antiques and help us raise money for a cause that deserves great attention.

For constant updates, follow us on twitter and instagram @equait and for more information, contact us at 97613031

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